About us: Geeta Info Media Pvt. Ltd Working from June 2013, the company’s initial launch was done with film production and astrology. Whose details are shown on the company’s official website www.geetainfomedia.com.

Considering the demand of jewelery and jewelery from the modern market over the last two years, the company has shown interest in the Clothing Market and James Am Amitishan Jewelery (FenNevel Jewelery). And with this, all the gems have been started to sell jewelery, imitation jewelery, and modern garments.. And now through the Gita Fasan Shap, we have reached the market in addition to the Indian market. Whose credit goes to management. The company has been successful in coordinating the demand and supply of the market as a result of its successful efforts.

Geeta Info Media Pvt. Ltd Currently, there is a registered company in the US except India, whose office is in Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Damoh (Madhya Pradesh), Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Sacramento (Kelphorania, USA).In the last four years, the company has been able to record its presence from the Indian market to the overseas market, in which company’s CEO and Director Sanjay Soni, Director Anila Hafeez and Director Munim Soni have been working tirelessly. Through this Bideside, the modern Garments will sell James Ed Jewelry and other necessary items will be added on time.

Director – CEO Ed Director Mr. Sanjay Soni

Director – Ms. Anila Devi Huff

Director – Mr. Muneem Soni